the musical memoir of songwriters and life partners michael biello & dan martin



Selected quotes from colleagues and press:


“Upon meeting composer Dan Martin and lyricist Michel Biello, their mutual soft-spoken demeanors belie the powerhouse of creativity that allows them to use their talents to promote acceptance, open-mindedness, and love. Together, Biello and Martin have produced an enormous and eclectic wheelhouse of music and theatre.” Arthur Wooten, Passport Magazine, October 2019


“Michael and Dan’s Amazing Queer Songbook is an essential addition to the history of queer love and art.  Michael and Dan have been at the forefront of LGBT culture for more than forty years.  In songs, performance, visual art, and in their shared life together, they have modeled the beautiful potential for gay lives and love to thrive and sing out.” Tim Miller, performer and author of Body Blows, Shirts & Skin, and 1001 Beds, 2018


“Longtime collaborators and life partners Michael Biello and Dan Martin are fierce advocates for self-acceptance, tolerance and love. Their work synthesizes soaring contemporary melodies with quirky humor and buoyant fantasy. Their style is suffused with irrepressible heart and with personal candor.” Krista Apple-Hodge, American Theatre Magazine, 2014


“Michael and Dan are love artists exxtraordinare! They’ve got it all; humor, musical talent, writing skills, queer joy, and a heartfelt spirit. They rock!”  Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D. – Performance artist, activist, sex educator, 2018


“Martin and Biello’s songbook – is a dazzling one to be sure – What remains constant throughout is Martin’s remarkable gift of crafting intricate and constantly surprising melodies, to which Biello tunes his sharp ear and fits them with perceptive lyrics that both examine and touch the soul.” Jeff Rossen, Gay Chicago Magazine, 2000


“The gifted writing team of Biello & Martin has, for almost half a century, created a flood of melody and a bouquet of the most beautiful words in a body of work that consistently reminds us of the better angels of our nature, underlining always with warmth and love our essential humanity.”  Maury Yeston, Tony Award winning Broadway composer/lyricist (Nine, Titanic), 2018


“Martin’s technically complex and intensely melodic music, which at times recalls the work of William Finn or even Stephen Sondheim, is matched by thoughtful lyrics from Biello.” Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune, 1999


“The music, poetry, passion of Biello & Martin has been transformational for me, and so many others, with a positive, loving celebration of queer life.” Marya Warshaw, Founding/Executive Director BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange, 2018


“Biello and Martin’s talents seem unending.  Two of the most covered and cherished songwriters in our community.” Will Grega, The Gay Music Guide, 1994


“Michael and Dan are both wonderful collaborators with a terrific eye for finding the dramatic moment that sings.  Their work is clever and extraordinarily tuneful.  And the love they share shines through in every song.” Kent Nicholson, Director of Musical Theatre, Playwrights Horizons, New York, 2018


“An evening with Martin and Biello is tantalizing and intimate at the same time … together, they create incredible possibilities for exploring gay sexuality and relationships.” Rich Flowers, Seattle Gay News, 1991


“I really enjoyed working with Michael and Dan on their new musical The Cousins Grimm.  The show is smart, witty and with heart, and was brave enough to tell the story not always told.  We producers admire writers who tell bold and courageous stories or who look at turning something cleverly around as these two have.” Katy Lipson, Company Director/Producer, Aria Entertainment, London, 2018


“Dan Martin’s music is hauntingly beautiful … and Michael Biello’s lyrics are affecting and effective.” “AJ Esta, Hollywood Drama-Logue. 1985