the musical memoir of songwriters and life partners michael biello & dan martin


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Special thanks:  Pat Dunn, Jimin Han, Jennifer Manocherian, Stuart Meyers, Gregg Shapiro, Jon Stark, Alex Soiseth





We’re also filled with gratitude for our creative collaborators:

Performers:  Billy Bustamante, Annie Golden, Brandon Haagenson, Donnie Hammond, Austin Ku, Jillian Louis,

Jesse Manocherian, Javier Muñoz, Sheri Sanders, Howie Michael Smith & Nicole Van Giesen

Musical director / pianist:  Eric Svejcar

Theatre director & project coach:  Leah Bonvissuto

Films by Matthew Gurren

Cameraman:  Jose Venutolo

Colorist:  Patrick Taylor

Sound design by Julian Evans / Audioworks

Additional sound: Myles Turney / Shelter Island Sound

Filmed at The York Theatre & Shelter Island Sound, New York City

Score consultant:  Timothy Brown

Graphics consultant:  Grant King

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